Constitutional Law I-B
Spring 1997

Mr. Froomkin


(Version 2.0)

We will begin by reading Edmund S. Morgan, The Birth of the Republic 1763-89.

The casebook for this course is Stone, Seidman, Sunstein & Tushnet's, Constitutional Law (3rd ed.), with the 1996 Supplement. I will also have additional photocopied materials.

Please note that earlier editions are NOT an acceptable substitute for the 3rd edition!

Unless otherwise marked, you should be more than safe if you assume that we will do one sub-section of this outline per class (i.e. II.A is one class, II.B is one class, etc.), although in fact our progress will often be far slower.

Note: all pages assignments from the casebook are assumed to include relevant pages in the supplement.

Click on any of the underlined text below to see a more detailed outline of the readings and questions for that section.

I. An Introduction to an Introduction.

II. Introduction: Some Historical and Structural Issues

III. What Can Congress Do?
......What Can Congress Do (part 2)?

IV. What Can the President Do?

V. Topics in Judicial Power

VI. Some Deep Thoughts about Precedent (if time permits).