Internet and the State: 
Social and Political Regulation 
Course Outline

U. Miami School of Law Fall 2001

Prof. Michael Froomkin

Unless otherwise marked, all required reading assignments will be available from the distribution center. Some, but not all, are also available on line. Optional readings are not included in your packets, but will be placed on reserve in binders in the library.

I will be teaching "Internet and the Market: E-Commerce and Intellectual Property" Spring 2002.  I strongly recommend that you take "Internet and the State" (or have taken "Internet Law" in a past year) before enrolling in "Internet and the Market".

Don't forget the (optional) references to places you can go for breaking news at the end of this document.

    Part 1: Introduction to the Internet

  1. Introduction
  2. Some Background on Internet Tech
  3. "Nettiquette" and informal rules
  4. The Big Picture
  5. (continued)
  6. Part 2: Internet Governance Around the State

  7. ICANN Basics
  8. UDRP controversy
  9. Alternate Roots Controversy
  10. ccTLDs and Country Names on the Internet
  11. The Problem of Represenation on a Global Scale
  12. More on Elections
  13. Part 3: State Assertions of Jurisdiction

  14. Jurisdiction: US
  15. (continued)
  16. Jurisdiction: International
  17. (continued)
  18. Part 4: Anonymity and Identification

  19. Cryptography as a Threat to the State
  20. Anonymity Control
  21. (continued)
  22. Part 5: Content/Access Control

  23. Introduction to Filtering
  24. Forbidden Filters? Required Filters?
  25. Spam Control
  26. Info war
  27. Part 6

    NOTE: This list is subject to change- Check back for final assignments
  28. Hacking/Cracking
  29. UPDATE: the new anti-terror legislation

Good sources of breaking news

These are optional, but recommended: If you are thinking of writing a paper, you may want to look at UCLA Cyberspace Law Bibliography, and especially  Eugene Volokh, Writing A Student Article.

You may also want to visit some of the other Internet Law and related courses collected by Jessica Litman

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