U.S. Constitutional Law II(A) — Syllabus
Fall 2017
Professor Schnably
Office, Office Hours, and Faculty Assistant

Ground Rules

MANDATORY: You must read the Ground Rules before the first class, and be familiar with them.


Final Exam Cover Page

This is the Final Exam Cover page.

Remember to bring your Casebook (CB), Casebook Supplement (CB Supp.), and Supplement (Supp.) with you.

Good luck!

Office Hours

I will be in my office on Monday, December 11, from 10-11:45 am and 2:30-5:30 pm in case you have any questions. No appointment is needed.

Makeup Classes

In order to fully make up for lost classes, there will be the following extra classes (all held in A110):

Please mark these dates on your calendar. All these classes will be taped. As for the impact on the attendance policy, see the Ground Rules.

Books, Supplements & Other Materials

Final Exam and Past Final Exams