Constitutional Law I (Fall 2019)

Professor Schnably

Ground Rules

You should be familiar with the following rules and any others I mention in class.

Seating Chart:

I will pass around a seating chart on the first day of class.  You must be on the seating chart to receive credit for the course. This includes anyone making up an incomplete, as well as those registered for the class. If you are not on the seating chart, I will not turn in a grade for you at the end of the semester, even if you take the exam. It is your responsibility to see to it that your name is on the seating chart.

You must sit in your assigned seat for each class. If you would like to move to a different seat after the first day, just let me know and I’ll be happy to adjust the seating chart.

Break in the Middle of Class:

We will generally take a short break about half-way through the class, usually around 4:20 or 4:25. When we break, I will tell you when class will resume. It is important to return to class for the second half by the time I announce.


Class conduct: Honorifics:

In class I typically address students with an honorific (e.g., Mr. Diaz or Ms. Garner). If you wish to designate one or the other or a non-binary honorific (e.g. Mx. Olsen) please let me know.

Taping/Live-streaming classes:

You may tape or live-stream the class only with my prior permission.


If you have or suspect you have a disability that might affect your ability to comply with any of these ground rules or otherwise affect your performance, please contact the Law School’s Coordinator of Disability Services at the Office of Disability Services for information about available opportunities, resources, and services. The phone number is 305-284-9907, and the email address is You may also visit the Office of Disability Services website.

Class e-mails:

I will send e-mails to the class e-mail list that the IT department creates for this class. I will try to post anything in an e-mail on the web page, but there may be times when you will need to see the e-mails. For example, I might occasionally change an assignment for the next day.

This class e-mail list is generated with your law school e-mail address. If you have another e-mail account you prefer to use, you can have your law school account direct the e-mails to that address. If you can’t do that, you can ask my assistant Ms. Sue Demmings to include that other e-mail address on the class e-mail list by clicking here.

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