Property (D2) (Fall 2019)

Professor Schnably

Ground Rules

You should be familiar with the following rules and any others I mention in class.

Seating Chart:

I will pass around a seating chart on the first day of class.  You must be on the seating chart to receive credit for the course. If you are not on the seating chart, I will not turn in a grade for you at the end of the semester, even if you take the final exam. It is your responsibility to see to it that your name is on the seating chart. You must sit in your assigned seat for each class. If you would like to move to a different seat after the first day, just let me know and I’ll be happy to adjust the seating chart.


Class conduct:


In class I typically address students with an honorific (e.g., Mr. Diaz or Ms. Garner). If you wish to designate one or the other or a non-binary honorific (e.g. Mx. Olsen) please let me know.

Final Grade:

Your final grade will consist of points earned on the final exam, which will be closed book; points earned on the in-class exams (see above); and class participation, which can raise your grade but not lower it. Once your final grade is determined this way, I may lower it as indicated above for excessive absences.

Taping/streaming classes:

You may record or stream the class only with my prior permission.


If you believe that you have or might have a disability that might affect your ability to comply with any of these ground rules, or might require an accommodation in any other respect, please contact the Office of Student Accessibility and Inclusion; telephone: 305-284-9907; email

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