Advising on Writing Requirement, Including Individual Research and Law Review Notes and Comments

Professor Schnably

I am generally available to serve as an advisor for papers. Whether I am available for any particular proposed topic depends on three things:
  • whether it’s in an area about which I’m knowledgeable,
  • whether the proposed topic is one that merits serious research and analysis, and
  • whether other commitments at the time would permit me to take on the responsibility.
The main areas I tend to advise on are:
  • U.S. Constitutional Law (emphasis on structure of government [Con. Law I] topics, but available for some individual rights topics)
  • Comparative Constitutional Law
  • International Human Rights Law (including some International Humanitarian Law topics)
  • Property

I’m always happy to talk to any student who is interested in writing. If you have a potential topic in an area I haven’t listed above, I might still be available depending on the topic, or I might be able to help you identify other faculty members who would know the area (though of course I would not know their availability in specific instances).

Before talking to me about whether I'm available, however, I would ask that you review the following information:

  • Advice on Choosing a Topic: I can advise you on a topic only if it's feasible to write a paper on it. This page will give you my thoughts on how to find a suitable topic.
  • Writing a Paper: There are certain things I require advisees to do; these help me be a more effective advisor.

Potential topics:

From time to time I come across articles or cases that might make a good topic -- further research would be needed to decide whether it would work. The fact that it’s on this list means nothing more than that I thought there was something interesting about it. If after looking into one of these you plan to write on it, even with a different adviser, please let me know so I can remove it from the list. Similarly, if you investigate one of these topics and decide against it (say, because you believe it’s preempted), please let me know.

Publishing your article:

If your article is not being published by one of the law reviews here, consider submitting it elsewhere. Some useful guides include:




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